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Trusted by small business owners who are coaches, course creators & creative entrepreneurs

Our high-converting approach in brand marketing transforms your visitors into customers.

Live in the moment

As a small business owner, you need help NOW. Today. You don’t have the time or the capital to wait around until you can survive, let alone thrive.

The ability to focus on the present and take action is the hurdle that is our hustle.

Learn at any age

Regardless of your age, ethnicity, or education, we encourage small business owners to adopt the "student of life" mindset.

A career switch to entrepreneurship requires the ability to develop progressive solutions instead of using the same wheel of your past.

Dream your best life

With the right resources and a nurturing environment, you CAN and WILL do this.

Your entrepreneurship journey is a path that you must manifest in order to become the best version of yourself.

We specialize in marketing for your brand, so that all you have to do is sit back and wonder where all those customers came from.

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Website Pricing Packages

Our seamless website design process uses Fortune 500 marketing strategies to take a founder's business goals, personality, and online presence to the next level.

Basic plan
Choose one of our templates and we will provide a white-glove service.
Base price
Establish an online presence
Boost credibility within industry
Begin marketing your business online
Build lead list through online form submissions 
Growth plan
Founder's Fav
Rebranding, overarching small business strategy, website design to launch day.
Base price
Rebranding in industry standards
Strategic UX based on your MVP
Achieve new business goals
Transition visitors into sales leads through a conversion optimized digital environment 
Premium plan
Custom enterprise website solution for medium to large businesses.
Base price
Unify your brand and touchpoints
Automate lead generation funnel
Multi-page online experience
Increase customer retention
Advanced daily CMS team operations

Clients Loving Our Process

Course Creator
"Working with Cee was the miracle I needed in my creative business. I feel so supported and understood! She skillfully took my current website and transformed it into a sharp, professional, and beautiful new site and brand package. I receive compliments on my new look daily, and business is growing! For anyone who needs to polish their online presence, I highly recommend working with this creative genius. I am so grateful I chose to make this investment because I ended up getting so much value and a new friend in the process!"

Ekaterina Popova

Founder of Create! Magazine & Art Queens Society

Course Creator
"The process was long and wow, did it push me out of my comfort zone on multiple occasions, but OMG I couldn’t imagine anything better. My website represents me, as a brand and business, tells my story and more importantly, helps anyone who lands on my site, from their point of discovery, to navigate to the place they want to be to work with me!

Thank you, Cee Ng, for pushing me to that next level and for your support along the way. You are a brilliant designer my friend!!"

Rose Mills

Founder of Rose Mills Influencer

Personal Brand
"In working with Cee, I was able to land my dream role and ended up receiving not just one, but two offers. Cee’s wealth of knowledge makes her an all-in-one resource in the advertising industry. Her ability to take an intimidating subject matter and break it down is what sets her apart. She is genuine and personable and invests in your journey and success just as much as she would her own.

If you’re ready to go to the next level, that path is Cee. She knows the terrain inside and out, and will gladly be your trusted guide."

Brittany Adelhardt

Senior Account Manager


If you have any questions about your online experience at Live Learn Dream, we're here to help! Here's some of our top customer questions and answers.

What kind of brands do you work with?

We welcome brands who have a clear mission and are serious about their business. We work with business owners and teams who understand and respect the creative process. From small business owners to large startups, we strive to make a difference with affordable game-changing design.

What is your average custom project price?

Depending on the ask and the stage of your business' branding efforts, projects can range from $5k to $50k.

Why is brand identity so important?

Many people confuse what branding is. It’s not a logo, product, or promise. Branding is a “gut feeling about a product, service, or company.”

So how do you stand out from the pack and get noticed? How do you enhance your credibility?

With a compelling brand.

A brand establishes the “why” behind a company. It’s their reason for being, and distinguishes one company from another. A standout brand is an important asset to any business looking to rise above the noise in a crowded market—including yours.

Do I have to be in Seattle to work with you?

Short answer is no. With the state of the pandemic, we have moved all operating services to be virtual. Whether you have a project for us, are looking to further your career, or just have a question, we’d love to hear from you!

Can you make the logo bigger?


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Business Marketing Tips

Learn why many small business owners understand they need a high converting website to boost their revenue, but creating one is overwhelming and inaccessible.

Meet your marketing BFF

Hi Founder, I'm Cee!

I am the CEO & Founder of Live Learn Dream, specializing in websites (Webflow & Showit) and branding. I'm an award-winning marketer who has worked with Fortune 500 companies (Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Kellogg's, Nestle, Southwest Airlines, etc) in Australia, APAC, and the United States.

Based in Seattle, my focus is closing the gap in marketing for modern entrepreneurs by making it accessible to compete on the same playing fields as large corporations.

I believe marketing should be three things: accessible, effortless, and affordable. My company is 100% independent, so I'm 100% dedicated to your business. No bloated process. No head office to please. No internal conflicts. Just you, us, and a problem to solve. We're here to take you and your business seriously. Let’s get this done. Together.

Life's short. Work with people you like. Ready?

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