What Our Clients Say

Hear it directly from our clients. Working with us allows them to focus on their zone of genius. We make small business solutions easy for an already busy AF entrepreneur.

“At our first meeting, I knew I could trust TJ. She is organized and explains the details to me so I can still have ownership over my finances despite them being outsourced.”

Haley Hawn

Business Owner, Haley Hawn Photography

"TJ, you have been a HUGE asset to my business, taken us to the next level, and given me a peace of mind! Thank you for all you do!"

Cynthia Krantz

President, Mezzo Creative LLC

“TJ offers a feeling of safety. Very few times in my adult life do I feel taken care of besides family or my wife and TJ offers that.”

Kamiya & Tess

Business Owners, SoulNia

"Working with Cee was the miracle I needed in my creative business. I feel so supported and understood! She skillfully took my current website and transformed it into a sharp, professional, and beautiful new site and brand package. I receive compliments on my new look daily, and business is growing! For anyone who needs to polish their online presence, I highly recommend working with this creative genius. I am so grateful I chose to make this investment because I ended up getting so much value and a new friend in the process!"

Ekaterina Popova

Founder, Create! Magazine

"The process was long and wow, did it push me out of my comfort zone on multiple occasions, but OMG I couldn’t imagine anything better. My website represents me, as a brand and business, tells my story and more importantly, helps anyone who lands on my site, from their point of discovery, to navigate to the place they want to be to work with me!

Thank you, Cee Ng, for pushing me to that next level and for your support along the way. You are a brilliant designer my friend!!"

Rose Mills

Founder, Rose Mills Influencer

"TJ's energy and willingness to help me succeed as a business owner and individual is contagious."

Kerin Gaydou

Founder, Kerin Gaydou Creative

"In working with Cee, I was able to land my dream role and ended up receiving not just one, but two offers. Cee’s wealth of knowledge makes her an all-in-one resource in the advertising industry. Her ability to take an intimidating subject matter and break it down is what sets her apart. She is genuine and personable and invests in your journey and success just as much as she would her own.

If you’re ready to go to the next level, that path is Cee. She knows the terrain inside and out, and will gladly be your trusted guide."

Brittany Adelhardt

Senior Account Manager, Advertising

Our Vision

Everyone deserves access to a financial dream team. Entrepreneurship is the path to wealth and should not be subjected to gate-keeping.

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