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Cee Ng is the CEO & Founder of Live Learn Dream, specializing in websites and branding.

She is an award-winning marketer who has worked with Fortune 500 companies (Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Kellogg's, Nestle, Southwest Airlines, etc) in Australia, APAC, and the United States.

A Snippet of Cee's Portfolio in Digital Advertising

Here we know your business inside and out.

Our mission is creating reliable and affordable websites for small businesses & founders.

Web design – as you’ll learn when working with us – is just a small fraction of what goes into creating a website. We’re experts in design, development, project planning & management, content creation, coding, and more – skills we’ve developed over decades that we use on each and every one of our projects to help it succeed.

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View services

So why choose us?

We have a dedicated, resourceful team with the award-winning experience to make your project successful.
We have a low overhead that keeps costs down and enables us to charge reasonable fees.
We got a great eye for detail and designing process to match, so we can produce aesthetically pleasing designs that align with your vision and identity.
We thoroughly research the market and your brand’s identity and purpose to create analytically design strategies that will bring your brand to the forefront.
We use evidence-based strategies but we also follow our hearts when we design to spark genuine emotions and communicate authenticity.
Turning Your
Visions to Visuals
Responsive Design

A staple in our design practices for years - all of our websites are fully responsive.

Transparent Pricing

Your proposal will clearly outline the cost, terms, and timeline of your project.

Dedicated Team

No account numbers. You interact with the same people for the lifetime of your website.

High-quality Visuals

No blurry or dated visuals. We use high-quality media, typography & iconography.

On Schedule

We stick to the timeline in your proposal and regularly update you, with no missed deadlines.

No Middle Men

You hire us; our team does the work. It's that simple. Projects aren't outsourced.

Modern Web Practices

Built with industry-leading software while following the latest web practices & standards.

Reliable Communication

You'll always receive timely email replies and quick website content updates.

Website Independence

You're not locked in by proprietary software and you own your website outright.

Websites that evolve with your business

And if you need a hand, we can provide you with ongoing help and optimization.

Meet the team that cares about good design

Hey, I'm Cee!

CEO & Designer

Cee provides leadership and creative direction for the business, ensuring all projects built on Webflow are pixel perfect.

Hi, I'm Bryant!

CTO & Developer

Bryant takes care of day to day business operations, ensures projects run smoothly and manages client support guides.